Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles is here!

"Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles" is out on Bad Afro Records now! 



This time we have tried to push things even further!



It's clearly a TSD Album! But it's our hardest sounding release so far and thematically

it's probably our darkest record aswell.

We isolated ourselves in our rehersal space, an old WWII air raid shelter, for 4 intense months during the summer of 2015, where we wrote and recorded most parts of the album. 

A lot of experimenting went down for this record, and besides our usual instrumentation we made heavy use of alternative soundsources such as harddiscs, heavy manipulated percussion, bowed cymbals and sampled loops.



As usual we also got some help from some friends. The Hobbit (ex-On trial/Anders) plays his guitar on a lot of the tracks, Christian Norup (Bite The Bullet) plays bas on 4 tracks, Kåre Joensen (Robot) plays the bas on one track and supplied some extra synth for "Your Finger Stirs The Liquid Moon", and Lærke Bang wrote the first part of the lyrics for Dark Kashmir.



The record was mixed by Dr. Hansen and TSD at Black Tornado Studios and mastered by Flemming Rasmussen at Sweet Silence Studios. 


Give it a couple of spins and let it grow!




The album is available on 12" black vinyl (with a CD of the entire album included!) and as digital download.


Order/ Buy/Stream at:

Bad Afro Webshop